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Mission Statement

The mission of the West Milford Township Public Schools is to bring together all available resources of home, school, and community, inclusive of a comprehensive curriculum based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, in a mutual effort to guide every pupil’s growth towards becoming a self-respected individual who can effectively function politically, economically, and socially in a democratic society.

The members of the West Milford Township High School, servicing a geographically large suburban community, seek to provide a challenging and comprehensive education in an orderly and safe environment that serves to enrich the intellectual, cultural, and ethical lives of our students.

We are committed to the belief that our students are individuals possessing diverse interests, abilities, and goals. Therefore, we continue to develop and implement an educational program suitable to the needs of every student.

We strive to produce lifelong learners dedicated to realizing the fullness of their potential. Their educational experience will nurture their development as individuals who are confident participants in the global community.

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West Milford - District Goals 2016 -2017

  1. Improve academic performance through design and implementation of Differentiated Instruction.

  2. Develop and implement an effective and timely communication plan.

  3. Develop respectful and sustainable partnerships through effective relationships with parents, community, students and staff.