Responsibilities of the Board

The West Milford Board of Education has four key leadership responsibilities which complement the School Board’s legal responsibility to comply with state and federal education law:

VISION – Set the vision for education in the local school on behalf of the community.

STRUCTURE – Establish the structure and environment to implement the vision including hiring of key administrative personnel, strategic planning and annual goal settings, development and approval of policies, setting the budget to accomplish the strategy, and setting high instructional standards for students and staff.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Foster an environment to help each student achieve the highest standards for themselves including a commitment to high academic standards, effective assessment and measurement of progress against the standards, processes to ensure all students reach their potential, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

ADVOCACY – Serve as education’s key advocate on behalf of students and their school in the community in order to achieve the school’s overall mission for its students.

There are nine elected Board of Education Trustees, each serving a rotating three-year term.   Each Trustee has an equal vote on all issues.  The Board President and Vice President are elected by the School Board for one year of service.  The Trustees volunteer their time and do not receive financial compensation for their service.

For information on the School Board Elections, please click here.


West Milford  Board Goals for 2020-2021

  1. Schedule regular presentations at Board of Education meetings that showcase student achievement.
  2. Increase partnerships and engage in advocacy at the State level to restore District funding.
  3. Identify strategies for a new Strategic Plan.
  4. Continue to engage in Board professional development, including training in HIB.