The West Milford Public School District has chosen to adopt the Honeywell Alert notification system.  This system allows the district as well as the schools to send voice and text messages to multiple phone numbers for each family.  You may access the system through the HONEYWELL ALERT SITE .

If you did not get all of the alerts that you expected, please check your alert settings:

Log into Honeywell with your username/password.

1.  Click on "My Profile."

2.  Click on your name - You should see all of the phone numbers you have put in.

3.  Click on "Alert Setup."

4.  Determine what gets called when by checking the appropriate boxes. 

If you need assistance with your profile, you may send an email to , or contact your school.  If you do not have a computer, you may access one at the Township Library or contact your child’s school, who will provide arrangements within the district.  We hope you appreciate and enjoy this new service!

Category Definitions

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but rather a sampling of the types of notifications for each category.

  1. High Importance District wide issues including emergency closings, delayed openings and early dismissals, unreported absence calls, health and safety issues, and other urgent notices.
  2. School Information – School-based events and notices unique to a particular school, such as reminders for Back-to-School nights, Parent/Teacher Conferences, concerts, etc.
  3. Transportation – Snow route notifications and other bus related issues.
  4. Activities – Club and sport activities, PTA events, Community School, and announcements for SACC & Preschool, etc.
  5. General – Election reminders, Special meetings of the Board of Education, and other miscellaneous notifications.


Remember, you will not get an alert if you are not part of the notification group.  For example, only those families in the snow route group who select transportation will get an alert.  If you have the transportation box selected and not on a snow route you will not be notified when snow routes go into effect.