Advanced Placement Tests (AP Tests)

Advanced Placement Exams  (AP Exams)

2018 Exam Calendar

Week 1

Morning 8 am

Afternoon 12 noon

Monday May 7


Spanish Literature & Culture


Tuesday May 8


Spanish Language & Culture

Art History

Physics I: Algebra Based


May 9

English Literature & Composition

Japanese Language & Culture

Physics 2: Algebra Based

May 10

United States Government & Politics

Chinese Language & Culture


Friday May 11

German Language & Culture

United States History

Computer Science Principles


Friday May 11– LAST DAY for Studio Art submissions of digital portfolios & physical portfolio assembly.  This is for AP Art & AP Art 3 D.


Week 2

Morning 8 am

Afternoon 12 Noon

Afternoon 2 pm

Monday May 14


Music Theory

Physics C: Mechanics

Physics C: Electricty & Magnetism

Tuesday May 15

Calculus AB

Calculus BC

French Language & Culture

Computer Science A


Wednesday May 16

English Language & Composition

Italian Language & Culture



Thursday May 17

Comparative Government & Politics

World History



Friday May 18

Human Geography



European History 



Exams in red correspond with courses taught at WMHS.



What are AP Exams?

AP (Advanced Placement) exams are given in May of each academic year.  For most they are the final step after a year of hard work in an AP course.  The AP exam measures content and skills specific to particular courses of study.

Why take an AP Exam?

Taking an AP exam demonstrates to a college/university that you were serious about your study in your advanced placement classes.  Many colleges/universities use AP scores to determine course placement.  Most also use the scores to determine eligibility for college credit.  Determination as to which scores earn credit or advanced placement is solely up to the college/university.

What AP Exams are available?

There are 34 total AP exams offered by the College Board:

AP English Literature & Composition
AP English Language & Composition

AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Biology
AP Physics C: Mechanics
AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism
AP Physics I:  Algebra Based 
AP Physics 2:  Algebra Based


AP Psychology
AP United States Government & Politics
AP Human Geography
AP United States History
AP European History
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP World History
AP Comparative Government & Politics

AP Computer Science A
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics

AP Art History
AP Music Theory
AP Studio Art - 2 D Design
AP Studio Art - 3 D Design
AP Studio Art - Drawing


AP Spanish Language & Culture
AP Spanish Literature & Culture
AP Chinese Language & Culture
AP Japanese Language & Culture
AP Latin
AP French Language & Culture
AP German Language & Culture
AP Italian Language & Culture

How do I register for AP Exams?

Registration for AP exams at West Milford High School is done on line via AP test service.

For more information on AP Programs & testing - go to