Peer Tutoring



There are three options for Peer Tutoring available to 7th and 8th graders at Macopin School:


(1)  During AF as part of the regular school day. See your school counselor to be matched with a tutor.   


(2)  After school one or two days per week when matched with a tutor who can provide after school tutoring (for students who DO NOT have an AF/lunch only)


(3)  After school with a high school tutor from the National Honor Society on Tuesdays and Thursdays only


Option (1): LUNCHTIME... your child needs to be matched with a peer tutor. School Counselors will arrange this. They may need to switch their AF time.  They need to report to the library during their AF on time with all materials necessary for tutoring and work for the 20 minutes.  If they are late or disruptive they will be removed.


Option (2): AFTER SCHOOL with a Macopin Tutor… this option is available to students who do not have an AF due to enrollment in a lunch class such as chorus / lunch; computer applications / lunch; or STEM. This tutoring will usually be one-one.


Option (3): AFTER SCHOOL… with an Honor Society tutor… this option is available on most Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students will work with a high school student in small groups. If, for some reason, tutors are not available on a given day, tutoring will be canceled. Students MUST sign up in the guidance office BEFORE 10AM on the day they wish to attend tutoring. Students who don’t sign up, but report for tutoring, will be asked to leave and a parent will be called. If no one is available for pick up, the student will report to the detention room until dismissal to the late bus.


Below please find the necessary forms for Peer Tutoring - click on the words to access the form

Peer Tutoring Request

Request/Permission to Serve as a Peer Tutor