Are You Eligible for Testing Accomodations?

The Collegeboard (who runs the SAT, PSAT, and AP programs) and ACT both make available testing accommodations for students with disabilities.

There is an application process that must be followed and specific information that must be provided.   Each organization (Collegeboard & ACT) have their own rules and procedures.  Each organization (Collegeboard & ACT) determines the allowable and appropriate accommodations based on their rules and guidelines.

Students with an IEP  or 504 Plan should speak with their case managers (IEP) or assigned school counselor (504) to begin the process of applying for accommodations.   It can take up to 6 weeks for the approval process to be completed so students are encouraged to apply for accommodations early.   In fact, students who may need accommodations should apply for these no later than the end of sophomore year.

Here are links for more information on the specific procedure, documents needed, and the process for applying for testing accommodations.

For the SAT, PSAT, & AP tests click here:  Collegeboard Services for Students with Disabilities

For the ACT test, click here:  ACT Services for Students with Disabilities