Mental Health Association of Passaic County Services

Mental Health Association of Passaic County

The Mental Health Association of Passaic County is a multiservice agency who assists families and individuals to conquer the challenges of mental illness.   The MHPA helps people by providing high quality, free services to help the community in need, restore order, wellness, and confidence to their lives.  The MHPCA offers help via support services, education, and advocacy.

Here is the link to their website:  MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF PASSAIC COUNTY

Service areas include:

24 Hour Mental Health Emergency Services
Mental Health Information & Referral
Hospital - In Patient & Hospitalizations
Case Management
Partial Hospitalization & Day Treatment Services
Outpatient Counseling
Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Programs
Transitional & Supervised Housing
Self Help Agencies
Children's Outpatient Services
Children's Inpatient Services
Children's Residential Services
Services for Families
Employment Assistance
Justice Involved Services
Financial Assistance
Emergency Housing
Emergency Food Services
Services for the Developmentally Disabled
Home Health Care
Services for the Elderly