It's the End of the World as We Know It

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7th Grade Interdisciplinary Activity (IA) Results:
Best Shelter: Antiparcc 
Best Place to Work: Glazed Donuts
Best Human Rights: Salt City
Best Defense: LionLand
Best Supplies: Croissant City
Best Government: Metropleopleopleless
Best Anthem: Phoenix
Best Flag: Croissant City
Best Overall: Croissant City (Honorable Mention: Phoenix)

 Emergency Preparedness


Articles on being prepared and survival

Rebuilding Society

Ideas from Ancient Civilizations

Understanding how government works

Jobs in all subject areas and more!
(health & safety, science, money, jobs, etc.)

Planning and Building

City Planning

Building materials and structures 
(interactives do not work on iPads, but there is a text option)

Power sources on a budget

How to make things

General Information

Information in all subject areas

Facts on File 

Fact Monster


Individual Student Feedback

Group Feedback and Reflection