Schedule Information 2019-2020 -Timeline, FAQs & Forms

TIMELINE for Schedule Change Requests 2019-2020

August 22 - August 30 - Summer window for Elective Change Requests

September 5 - 11  NO Schedule changes will be accepted or permitted once the school year begins unless there is an error in a core subject.  ALL students must REMAIN in their schedule courses for the first five days of school.

September 12 -24    Fall window for Schedule Change Requests 

September 24 - Deadline for a student to enter a new course - Full Year  Deadline for fall semester class entry is September 16th

September 24 - Deadline for a student to drop a course without penalty  (exception teacher initiated level changes).   Deadline for fall semester class drop is September 16th. 

September 25 On this date and any date after, a student dropping a  full year course  will receive a WP (withdrawn passing) or WF (withdrawn failing) on their transcript.  WP or WF will be determined by course average at the time of the drop.  *NOTE - any student failing a course that wishes to do credit recovery , must remain in the course for the entire year *    *NOTE - deadline for dropping a semester class without receiving a WP or WF is on or after September 17th.