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Mission Statement

The West Milford Township School District recognizes that each student is an individual with unique educational needs. 

The District is committed to challenging and helping each student maximize his or her personal potential to promote academic excellence, good character, and physical fitness in a safe, supportive learning environment, as well as providing a positive school climate based upon mutual respect and responsibility. 

The District further recognizes the need to support and develop a professional, dedicated, accountable staff that will partner with parents to foster the emotional, intellectual, social, and physical maturity of each student, and to encourage a lifelong love of learning and discovery.

Highlander Stag 

West Milford - District Goals 2018 -2019

  1. Increase academic performance by continuing to implement and improve Differentiated Instruction for all learners through increased student engagement, timely and targeted intervention, and individual student learning goals.
  2. Implement an action plan for K-12 math based on District Goal #3 for school year 2017-2018. Increase focus on student health and well-being, and safety and security.
  3. Improve student writing across the curriculum through targeted instruction, professional development, and increased consistency in terms of expectations, oversight, and transparency.
  4. Explore all opportunities for District-wide cost efficiencies in order to maximize funding for District programs.