Meeting 3

Goal Area 1: Student Achievement

Goal Statement: Increase student abilities to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century careers.


1. Produce technologically literate students and responsible digital citizens.
2. Promote and support differentiated instruction and learning to increase critical thinking abilities and problem solving skills.
3. Increase meaningful experiences that create opportunities to explore personal learning goals and visions.
4. Continue to promote overall health, well-being, safety, and self-esteem of the whole child.

Goal Area 2: Community Engagement

Goal Statement: Develop and sustain an ongoing partnership
between schools and community groups.


1. Establish a direct point of contact individual to disseminate community information and opportunities.
2. Create a culture that promotes volunteerism and support for community groups and events.
3. Increase parent and family involvement through additional school functions.

Goal Area 3: Resources

Goal Statement: Maximize the effective utilization of
identified and available resources to achieve the district goals.


1. Identify facility and academic needs.
2. Prioritize facility and academic needs by greatest effectiveness.
3. Increase the effectiveness of ongoing technology integration.
4. Identify and cultivate available resources for increased community engagement.

Goal Area 4: Culture and Climate

Goal Statement: Foster culture and climate that will help a
student to determine what he or she has to offer.


1. Enhancing students’ perceptions of themselves by assisting them to identify their strengths and talents.
2. Encourage positive use of social media and technology.
3. Foster positive peer relationships through school wide and extracurricular activities.
4. Develop student-community interaction through mentorship, internship and career-based activities.