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West Milford Twp. Elementary Schools

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The WMTPS strives to provide a comprehensive educational program for all its students. Enrichment and advancement programs are utilized to help nurture the individual strengths of students.  In addition to whole school and grade level opportunities, extracurricular activities, and the individualized instruction prepared by classroom teachers, specialized enrichment programs and resources are available including:

Learning Unlimited:  Learning Unlimited (LU) is an enrichment program designed to help meet the needs of high ability learners identified as gifted and talented in the West Milford Elementary Schools.  Its differentiated curriculum is interdisciplinary with an emphasis on problem solving, creativity and critical thinking skills.  The program’s format varies by grade.  First grade employs a push-in whole class model while interdisciplinary pullout instruction begins in grade two.  More information can be found on the LU website .

Treps:  an award-winning, entrepreneurship education program run as an after school activity by a team of parents and teachers available to upper elementary students..

Chorus:  grade 5

Band:  grade 5

Gifted and Talented Art:  grade 5


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