Gym/ Recess


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Gym / Recess

For your child’s safety, sneakers (laces/velcro) are required
for participation in gym and recess.

   If your child has been injured and must be out of gym
for more than 3 days, a physician’s note is required.
The excuse must state the nature of injury, limitations/restrictions, and dates to be excused from gym.

Students who are unable to participate in gym
can NOT run around in recess.
This measure is for their safety and the safety of others.
The weight of casts often causes the student to become easily off balance resulting in injury to them or someone else.

The physician is the only authority to release
a student back to activity.

A parent note may NOT override this.
Required notes may be brought in by the student or faxed
attention to the Nurse at
(973) 853-1233.

Casts, Crutches

   A doctor's note is required for students to use crutches in school. 
Students with a cast or crutches being transported on the bus
must have a physician note saying they are able to ascend and descend bus steps.
Students returning after a serious injury, illness, or operation must have a physicians note indicating they are able to return to school.