Welcome to the West Milford School District.  To begin to register your student(s) you will need to access the pre-registration materials located at

Once you have completed this process, please call the school your student(s) will be attending to schedule a registration appointment.  If you are unsure about which school your student(s) will be attending, please follow this link and enter your address information

The following are the telephone numbers of each school in the District:

High School (Grades 9-12) 973-697-1701
Macopin Middle School (Grades 6 - 8) 973-697-5691
Apshawa (Grades K-5) 973-838-6515
Maple Road (Grades K-5) 973-697-3606
Marshall Hill (Grades K-5) 973-728-3430
Paradise Knoll (Grades K-5) 973-697-7142
Upper Greenwood Lake (Grades K-5) 973-853-4466
Westbrook (Grades K-5) 973-697-5700

Please note that if you are registering during the summer months, all elementary school registrations will be handled in the Board Office.  After you complete the pre-registration process, you can schedule your appointment by calling 973-697-1700 ext. 5000

Thank you and again welcome to West Milford

Post Registration information


The following information is being provided to you after you have completed the registration process.  Please read carefully through these forms.  The forms that are indicated with an * are mandatory forms which will need to be filled out or registered for.  If you have any questions, in reference to any of these forms, please don't hesitate to contact the school your child/children are registered in: