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Welcome back to school!  I hope that you are ready and excited to get the new year started.  This year will certainly be like no other year in recent memory.  Although faced with some adversity, I am confident that our students and staff will rise to the challenge and make this year a great one.  For the first time ever, we welcome sixth graders into our building.  Our student and staff population has grown and we are excited to have them both with us.  
I am happy to report that we have recently learned that we are once again recognized as a National School of Character and The West Milford School District was recognized as a National District of Character as well.  This is the second consecutive time that our school has been awarded this distinction from Character.Org.  Our elementary schools continue to send us students of tremendous character.  Our students and staff help to continue to grow our character education program and evolve in a world where social and emotional health is so important.  This is a tremendous honor for our students, staff, parents and community.  Just like in years past, we will continue to grow our character education program and along those lines you can expect your child to be held to the highest standards academically as well as socially and emotionally.   We will be striving to develop children who are successful in the classroom as well as outside the classroom.  
There are some exciting things in store for us as we move into Fall.  We begin our hybrid schedule in October with some students attending school in person and some students attending school virtually.  I am very proud of the way that our students and staff have adjusted to this “new normal.”  While education looks different than it ever has before, I am confident that our students will continue to learn and grow while they are with us.  We will continue to use the LinkIt! data collection platform as a means to measure the growth of our students throughout the school year.  It is full steam ahead as we work towards helping our students master our curriculum and the standards needed for a successful year.  

Please continue to get involved with your child’s experience by communicating with his or her teachers, and discussing the things that took place during their day.  Also please visit our website often and refer to our Honeywell Instant alerts for important information throughout the school year.  
Stay well,

Marc Citro
Principal, Macopin School


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Macopin School Orientation 2021 Unfortunately the calendar that I made the meeting appointment in would not let me admit guests so many of you missed out.  We will be hosting another meeting on Monday, May 10th at 6:30 for all of you who could not get in.  Please use this link to access that meeting:


6th Grade Orientation, Transportation, and Permission Slip  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IJnTcme0tXBgcZhK1KzGpvtpGs0-l9t8f1a8NXXMoBQ/edit

Grade 8 Information:

Gown & Tassel- Zolnier plans to ship every Friday while the portal is open.  The portal will close on June 1 and the last shipment will go out on June 4. We suggest that you order these earlier rather than later.  



NJHS store- We will be providing the pin and certificate. Parents can visit the "store" for other items, in addition to the blue/white honor cord. We suggest that you order these earlier rather than later.  



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