UGL students are participating in the MY HERO Project.
​It is a global collaboration with iEARN. 

To see the FULL project, please visit:

Students worked in teams.  They thoroughly researched a hero and wrote thoughtful responses to the questions: How are you similar to this hero?, How does this hero inspire you?, What is a hero and why do you consider this person a hero?  They used the technology tool, Padlet, to post and share their responses.

Students synthesized what they learned by writing short plays about the heroes.  The plays feature dialogue between the hero and the people in his life and they reveal bits of important information about the hero, as well as the hero's essence.

Students created backgrounds and characters for their plays.  They performed the plays and we recorded them with the technology tool, Adobe Voice, on the ipads.

Their projects will be shared on the My Hero website.  

Students gained many valuable skills from this project.  They employed research, reading, note-taking, and writing skills.  They honed their technology and communication skills.  Most importantly, they worked together as a team to accomplish a big goal.  Each person contributed his own strengths and talents and did his fair share of the work.

To enjoy these projects, simply click on the class name and then the hero's name.

Please know how truly proud I am of our students and the tremendous work that they do in library.  Bravo to our creative UGL students!  

:) Mrs. Archer