Credit Recovery & On Line Accelerated Courses


Students have the option to retake a failed class to regain credit.  This is known as credit recovery.

On line credit recovery is done via EDUCERE, the on line credit recovery program used by WMHS.


On Line Agreement Form   
(required for ALL courses)

Register for Credit Recovery*

Register for Original Credit Class*

See timelines on page 2 of the Online Course Agreement

- A proctored final exam must be taken at the HS PRIOR to the deadline. You must contact Guidance to schedule a date to  take it.

- All on line classes, whether for credit recovery or original credit, must be pre-approved by your counselor PRIOR to your enrollment.  This is to ensure that the course number you intend to register for is the correct number for the course you need.  

- An agreement form must be signed by the parent/guardian and student

A few things to keep in mind about credit recovery:

1.   All credit recovery courses must be pre-approved PRIOR to enrollment by your son/daughter's school counselor.

2.  The cost for credit recovery is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.

3.  If a student dropped the course or did not continue to attend a course after receiving a WA, WC, or WT, then that course is not eligible for credit recovery.  If a student remained in the class for the entire school year (or semester for a semester class), then credit recovery is permitted.  Percentage of time in class (for students who continue to exceed absences) may impact eligibility for credit recovery.

4.  Physical education classes CANNOT be made up online - a student must attend an approved summer school program at an accredited local high school to earn make up PE credits.  A student may also take a make up PE class his/her senior year (in addition to the required PE class).

5.  Online credit recovery IS NOT ACCEPTED by the NCAA for eligibility for college level athletics.  Students intending to pursue NCAA college athletics are advised to either repeat the course at WMHS or take summer school class at an accredited local high school.  NCAA is approving some online courses - check with your school counselor - students may have to take a full 5 credit original credit class rather than an abbreviated credit recovery section. 

7.  Original credit on line courses MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED by the NCAA for eligibility for college level athletics.  Students intending to pursue NCAA college athletics are advised to consult with their counselors prior to enrolling in an original credit course. 

7.  Students wishing to take ORIGINAL CREDIT ON LINE courses must meet with their school counselor.  There is an application form which must be filled out - approval is needed from both the school counselor and the department supervisor PRIOR to enrollment in the course.  Students who do not get pre-approval will not be eligible for credit or advancement.