Course Selection FAQs 2021

Course Selection FAQs 2021
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 Course Selection FAQs - January 2021


1. When does scheduling begin?

Online selection of elective classes will be open from January 25 to January 31.   Individual scheduling appointments will begin on February 1, 2021.


2. How do I do online selection?

Students must log on to the Parent Portal in order to make selections for elective classes. Students will not be able to make on line selections after January 31.  If you have any issues accessing the Portal, please contact your guidance counselor for assistance.


3. Do I need to make elective selections before I meet with my counselor or should I wait for the meeting?

Students should select electives in Parent Portal before their meeting with the counselor.  Any questions or changes can be addressed in your individual meeting. 

New to 2021, students may choose the level for your academic classes.  There will be a recommendation on the list but if the student would prefer a different level or genre based class, he or she may add it to the course selections. 


4. There is only one elective that is interesting to me? Should I choose to put in alternate choices?

YES – students must select alternates.
Alternates are automatically used when a class does not run, is closed, or does not work with your schedule. Not every student will get their first choice elective and elective choices are not guaranteed: however, the student should make that choice for an alternate elective.

Please be sure to select alternates that you would enjoy taking, in the event that your first choice does not fit.


5. Where can I find course descriptions?

Course descriptions are listed in the 2021-2022 Program of Studies book, which is posted online on the West Milford High School Guidance webpage, in the portal, and on Naviance.  A chart is included to help you if you are looking for electives that will fulfill your graduation requirements.


6. How do I know when my appointment is?

  All appointments can be set up by you when you receive the email from your guidance counselor about appointment times.  If you did not receive the aforementioned email or you cannot find your name on a posted list, reach out to our guidance counselor by email or phone.

7  . I have an IEP and have to attend an IEP meeting. Do I still have to meet with my school counselor?


8. I realize there is a conflict that came up due to a class obligation or a school absence.  What can I do about this?

  In both of these events, reach out to your counselor as soon as you realize the conflict or absence. 


9. I forgot to go to my appointment! What happens now?

If you missed your appointment, it will be rescheduled after ALL initial appointments are completed. Be sure to check the posted appointment lists daily to see what your new date is.


10. I am a junior, going into my senior year. Is there anything special I need to think about with schedule planning?

Yes – juniors need to be aware of graduation requirements as well as requirements for admissions to colleges.  It helps with planning if you have an idea of some schools you are considering as well as majors you are thinking about. Your counselor will help you with this at your  meeting.   


11. I am a junior and want to leave early next year. Should I schedule this?

NO. Seniors are only guaranteed early dismissal if they are in an approved Senior Initiative program.  Speak with your counselor about this option.

I am a junior and I only need two classes for graduation.  So I only have to schedule two classes right?

No - all students must carry a minimum of 30 credits EVERY year.

13. I failed a class – what do I need to think about?

Students who failed a class and did not make it up in summer school or on line credit recovery need to take the class to meet graduation requirements. Students may not double up failed classes (i.e. take two English classes) until senior year.

Students also need to be aware of athletic eligibility requirements for both NJSIAA (eligibility to play sports at WMHS) & NCAA (college athletics) .

14I would like pursue college sports.  Is there anything special I need to think about?

Students considering playing college athletics need to be mindful of eligibility requirements (esp for NCAA Division 1 and Division 2).  Students need to be taking college prep classes in core areas.  Your counselor can help with this. Information may also be found on the NCAA Eligibility Center website 

15. I would like a study hall. Can I choose that as an elective?

No, students should not choose study hall as an elective. Your counselor will discuss this option with you and select it for you during your meeting.


16. What electives require a “Pink sheet”?

Certain electives require teacher permission and must have a special signature sheet (“Pink sheet”). You can pick up a sheet for signature in the Guidance office. You will not be scheduled into these classes without meeting with the teacher and obtaining their signature.

The courses that require the "Pink Sheet" are:

- AP Studio Art/ AP Studio Art 3D

- Harmony & Theory

- Concert Choir/Concert Choir Honors

-Women's Chorus/ Women's Chorus Honors

-Men's Chorus

- Internship in Child Care/LAB Playschool

- Television Communication Arts & Media I, II, III

- Honors Band

- Auto Occupations

-Auto 3:  Special Projects

- Building Trades

-Wood 4:  Special Projects

-Graphics III

17.    I am a parent/guardian and want to come in for my child’s course selection review meeting. Is this okay?

Parents/guardians who wish to meet with their child’s counselor to discuss course selections for 2020/21 need to make a separate appointment. The regular scheduling sessions with students are short, 15-minute time slots.  Counselors are happy to meet with parents after the initial student scheduling sessions are completed. You may call your child’s assigned counselor for an appointment.  Please note appointments with parents will be held after all individual student appointments have concluded which may mean your appointment will be scheduled in mid to late March.