Summer School Information 2020


There are two categories of summer school. Both require approval from your school counselor

  • Credit Recovery: abbreviated courses for students who lost credit due to absences or failure
  • Original Credit: full comprehensive for students who want to take a course for enrichment or original credit

Students may take an online course through EDUCERE. Students taking an online course must take a proctored final exam at WMHS. Call the guidance office to register.


A few things to keep in mind regarding credit recovery (credit recover is for a class that was failed or lost credit due to absences):

1.  Students may take up to three classes (max of 15 credits) during the summer credit recovery period.

2.  All credit recovery courses must be pre-approved (prior to enrollment) by your son/daughter's school counselor.

3.  The cost for credit recovery is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian

4.  If a student dropped a course or did not continue in a course after receiving a WA, WC, or WT- then that student is not eligible for credit recovery in that course. If the student remained in the class for the entire school year, credit recovery is permitted.  Percentage of time in the class (for students who continued to exceed absences) may impact eligibility for credit recovery.

5.  Physical Education credits CANNOT be made up on line - the course must be repeated. 

6.  On line credit recovery and accelerated courses MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED by the NCAA for eligibility for college level athletics.  Students intending to pursue NCAA college athletics are advised to discuss this with their counselor PRIOR to enrolling. 

7.  Students wishing to take accelerated on line courses- must get approval is from both their school counselor and the department supervisor (if the course is being used for advancement).  Students who do not get pre-approval will not be eligible for credit or advancement.