Strategic Plan

  • Goal 1: To continue using a differential approach in all academic areas.

    1. Increase staff capacity for the use of instructional practices that address the needs of all learners, through the provision of meaningful professional development
    2. Expand the use of data analysis and data-based decision-making to inform instruction
    3. Improve academic outcomes for all students including increasing local, state and other formal assessment scores
    4. Continue to review and revise and implement curriculum to ensure rigor and alignment to state and national standards
    5. Encourage opportunities to increase student self-confidence, thirst for knowledge, and self-worth

    Goal 2: To increase a sense of pride and unity across all schools in the district.

    1. Develop consistent branding across all schools
    2. Upgrade technology to create greater awareness of township events using a variety of technology apps and tools.
    3. Empower individuals to impact their community through volunteerism / mentorships
    4. Increase student interaction with alumni to facilitate transition from school to community / workforce.
    5. Continue the process for recognition as a District of Character

    Goal 3: To maintain and update district facilities, fostering a safe and secure learning environment in and out of the classroom.

    1. Provide multi-level / use turf field for school and community use.
    2. Upgrade and maintain district technology opportunities.
    3. Provide modern, safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing facilities.
    4. Continue investigating modernization of buildings for future.

    Goal 4: To create a positive, inclusive and connected school environment that promotes lifelong health and well-being.

    1. Increase opportunities for extra-curricular activities K-12 that address student needs and interests.
    2. Foster individuality to create a culture of acceptance in all schools
    3. Promote mental and physical wellness for students and staff.
    4. Strengthen peer-to-peer relationships, and the school-home connection in order to build a more supportive school environment

    Goal 5:  To achieve financial stability in light of State aid cuts under S2

    1. To stabilize District finances in an attempt to recover and rebuild capacity to support the effective and efficient operations
    2. To pursue and manage alternate funding sources
    3. To prioritize and reallocate funds in response to S2