Accounts Payable

  • PaySchools Central  

    To provide parents with the ability to manage their child’s lunch account more conveniently, the District has signed up for PaySchools Central.

    What is PaySchools Central?

    Pay Schools Central allows you to load money onto a student account so that they can use those funds to purchase school lunches/snacks.  While this has been done in the past with cash or personal checks being sent in with students, Pay For It allows you to use your debit/credit card or an electronic check online. Please note, you will still be able to use cash or personal checks.

    Does it cost anything extra?

    If you’re using a debit/credit card, PaySchools Central charges 4% fee on any transaction.  If you use electronic checks, there is a flat fee of $1.75.

    How do I set up my account?

    1. Either your debit/credit  and/or checking account information (Name, routing number, etc.).
    2. Your child’s ID number.  You can find out the ID number of your child by logging into the parent portal, and it will appear in the top right corner for each student.  If you’re having trouble getting this information or logging into the parent portal, you can reach out to
    3. Access to your email so you can verify the account you are creating.

    You’ll do it in several steps.  Here’s the quick outline.

    • Set up an account at
    • Add a payment method while creating the account so it knows where to pull the funds from
    • Add your child to the account
    • Add funds to your account through single payments or via auto-replenishment

    Check back into your account to confirm balances.  It may take one business day for your account balances to accurately reflect what you’ve added. Please note, this will not replace current lunchroom procedures but will, rather, complement them and provide parents with an additional option.