Principal Evaluation

  • Introduction

    As part of the federal requirements for states’ receiving funding under Phase 2 of the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds Program, all school districts in New Jersey are providing information to the public on the procedures they use to evaluate teachers and principals. The information presented below will help you understand West Milford’s policies and procedures for evaluating principals and assistant principals.

    Confidentiality concerns: To protect the confidentiality of individual evaluations, districts are not required to provide a district-level statistical summary of principal evaluation outcomes in those cases where there are fewer than 10 principals in a district.

    Description of Principal Evaluation System

    All administrative staff members shall be evaluated against criteria that evolve logically from the priorities and program objectives of each administrator as specified in the job description for his/her position.

    The evaluation procedures shall provide continuous, constructive, cooperative interaction and communication between the staff member and his/her supervisor/evaluator, thus ensuring a valid basis for performance review. All procedures for the evaluation of staff members shall be in compliance with law and regulation.

    The Superintendent of Schools shall provide each administrative staff member with a copy of this policy statement, his/her job description, and his/her evaluation criteria annually by October 1, and shall distribute any amendments to those documents within 10 working days of their becoming effective. Evaluations shall be completed before April 30 in compliance with law.

    The Superintendent of Schools shall report at least annually on the effectiveness of the evaluation system and shall recommend means to improve it whenever desirable.

    The Superintendent of Schools shall, in the implementation of this policy, develop procedures in consultation with administrative staff members for:

    1. The collection and reporting of data which are appropriate to the job description;
    2. Conferences between the administrative staff member and the supervisor; the preparation of a written evaluation for each of the three evaluations of non-tenured administrators; and an evaluation for each tenured staff member;
    3. The holding of the annual summary conference;

    All such procedures shall conform to law. This policy and related procedures shall be reviewed at least yearly, and any necessary revisions made before re-adoption by the West Milford Board of Education.

    Description of Tenure and Non-Tenured Evaluations

    Tenured administrators shall be evaluated at least once each year by properly certified persons. Non-tenured administrative staff members shall be evaluated at least three times each year by properly certified district staff.

    Evaluation Outcome Table


    Number of principals meeting 
    the district's criteria for 
    acceptable performance 

     Number of principals 
    in district 

    Percentage of principals in 
    district meeting these criteria