Five-Year Curriculum and Review Cycle

  • 1. Review and Research

    The area of curriculum is reviewed for the purpose of content, alignment to standards, currency, appropriateness, strategies, national trends, and best practices.

    2. Develop/Pilot

    A budget for curriculum writing and new materials is developed and submitted according to district timelines (November). Curriculum is created, redesigned, aligned to NJ Core Content Curriculum Standards/AP alignment, updated and/or adjusted according to need and based on the review. Curriculum revision takes place at the end of the school year and during the summer. Materials are approved by the Board of Education during this stage and then ordered at the start of the new fiscal year (July 1) for year 3. Some curriculum/materials may be piloted during this stage.

    3. Implement

    New, aligned and/or revised curriculum is implemented in the content area and grade level indicated. This stage includes the connected staff development and orientation to the curriculum that is necessary for teacher implementation. Professional development is ongoing and includes knowledge, strategies and assessment practices important to the new or re-designed curriculum.

    4. Monitor

    The curriculum will continue to be implemented and monitored. Continued professional development will be engaged as needed. Some revisions may be suggested as noticed through implementation.

    5. Evaluate/Report

    Full implementation of the curriculum is in place. An evaluation is undertaken to determine the success and effectiveness of the new or revised curriculum. If suggestions and recommendations are included in this process they are first brought to the District Curriculum Committee for approval. If approved, then these suggestions and recommendations are brought to the Board Curriculum Committee, and finally to the Board of Education.

    5 year curriculum review

    Technology, Special Education and ELL will be integrated across content areas through collaboration.

    Library Media will support the content area cycles as established.