New Jersey Student Learning Assessment - NJSLA

  • Student and Parent NJSLA Letter

    New Jersey Department of Education Testing Graduation Requirements

    Parent/Guardian Letters of Testing Notification will be sent home with students  through all schools with more information.  In addition, details regarding each school's specific testing details may be found on their school website, or by contacting each school.

    What if my child finishes early?

    Students may read for pleasure when they are finished with their test. Students will be asked to bring school appropriate leisure materials to have with them for when they finish.
    What devices are being used? Students will be tested on Chromebooks and Desktop computers. All students will utilize the TestNav App no matter which type of computer.

    • Research has shown that students’ understanding of just 55 “critical words” contributes to 85% of success on standardized assessments according to Marie Sprenger, a noted expert on child literacy and brain development (